El Roi Ministries was founded to demonstrate the love and redemption of Christ to those individuals who suffer from addiction. Our main goal is to minister to the families of those in rehab through the provision of resources, education, and counseling.

El Roi was established with the goal of building a network of churches and individuals across the Southeast, and ultimately the country, that ministers to the families of addicts in rehab as well as the addicts themselves.

One major part of recovery that many rehabs are missing is the family of the addict in rehab. While in rehab the family of the addict continues to face life, and its challenges, minus the addict. Bills have to be paid, grass has to be cut, pets get injured, children get sick, home repairs are needed, and cars breakdown. There are also psychological and emotional issues that must be dealt with. In short, the family has to deal with life while also needing to heal from the wounds inflicted by addiction.

The first goal of the network is to collect and organize information in particular areas. We seek to compile the names and contact information for charities, churches with addiction programs, and Christian counselors. Our goal is when a family sends someone to rehab they could access this list for their particular area and be able to solicit help from their local charities and churches. They could also seek help with local Christian counselors to heal emotionally.

The second goal is that as part of this network we ask local churches to offer the opportunity to its members to volunteer to participate in ministering to the families. If the lawn mower breaks, somebody could repair the mower, or even help maintain the yard for the family. In our community, we have both a dentist and a veterinarian that have volunteered to be available if a family of an addict has a need. We have a mechanic to help repair broken down vehicles, and we have a host of people willing to help with small scale home repairs. In short, we seek to help meet the needs of the family, whatever may arise, while their loved one is in rehab.

The third goal is to help offer online educational tools so that the family can learn signs of addiction, how to deal with it, and other emotional issues like setting healthy boundaries, dealing with anger, unforgiveness, and many other topics.

Simply put, our goal is to help facilitate meeting the family’s needs while the addict is in treatment. The idea is that if the family is treated physically, emotionally and spiritually, when the addict leaves rehab, he or she will come home to a place that is much healthier than when he or she left. This small change alone will dramatically improve the chances for success.

Thank you for checking out our ministry page. Please feel free to contact us with any needs, questions, or concerns. We pray God’s Richest Blessings on you and yours!


Greg and Andrea Bufkin


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