Get Involved

The epidemic of addiction that is sweeping across our nation affects us all. Even if you don’t battle addiction personally, chances are very high that someone you love or work with is battling addiction. It is very easy to feel powerless when facing a crisis of this magnitude. I often hear people ask, “What can I do? How can 1 person make a difference?” The truth is that you CAN make a difference, even if you’re just 1 person.

We have a team of volunteers at El Roi Ministries that helps families in a wide variety of ways. When a family has someone who goes to treatment for addiction, we want to step in and help the family survive. We help meet physical needs. Whatever skills set you have, however much time you have (whether 5 minutes a week or several hours per week), we can find a place for you to help take care of the families of those individuals who are in treatment for addiction.

We have dentists, veterinarians, mechanics, small engine repair people, construction people, appliance repairmen, and people who simply cut the grass or any number of other things. If you have a heart for those trapped in addiction, and their families, please contact us, and we will help you get plugged in.