Mission Statement

El Roi Ministries exists to help meet the needs of the families of people struggling with addiction. We also seek to help families explore all the available options for detox, treatment facilities, transitional programs, and aftercare/support. We have five basic ways in which we accomplish our mission/basic ways in which.

1.)    When a family member reaches out to us for help with their loved one, who is struggling with addiction, we discuss the possible treatment options (including detox and transitional programs.) We look at their financial situation, drug of choice, legal status (pending charges), social standing (environment), treatment history, and other factors. We then provide a list of resources that best meet their needs. They are then able to make an informed choice on the most appropriate program.

2.)    We help meet the physical needs of the family while their loved one is away. We have a network of volunteers that are available to meet most needs that arise while their loved one is in treatment. We have a dentist, veterinarian, mechanics, construction workers, small engine/appliance repair people, and many more. We also have a list of charities that help minimize the financial impact by helping pay bills they are unable to pay. We want to help make sure the family can survive in the absence of their loved one.

3.)    We help educate the family on addiction, so they are better able to walk the road of recovery with their loved one when they come home. We say, “if what the family was doing before treatment wasn’t working, it won’t work when their loved one comes home. But they don’t know how to do things differently, unless somebody educates them.” We educate on healthy boundaries, red flags of relapse, enabling, codependency, conflict resolution, and many other topics dealing with addiction. We are also currently developing curriculum that families will be able to download directly from our web site for free.

4.)    We help provide counseling for the family members, especially the children. We want to help the family survive, and process, the trauma of living with someone in active addiction. We do this by connecting them with counselors at free or reduce rates. 

5.)    We help connect both the addict and the family with support groups. It is very important for the addict and the family to have access to support groups to walk with them through recovery. We have partnered with Mosaic Recovery to help them plug into support groups. We also have access to other groups such as NA, AA, and other programs.